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Welcome to the online home of Hobkirk Consulting, one of Scotland's fastest growing IT businesses.

Shaping your future with expertise in website development, content management, search engine optimisation, branding and office solutions is only one step away.


Functionality in design

We make sure that your website looks great when viewed on any platform.  More importantly, it actually works on every device.
We design web pages which adjust dynamically, taking into account the characteristics of the device used.


Make it work for your business

Most of us use, or have used social media  in our private lives. They can work very well for your business too. From sharing the new menu at your restaurant to advertising the latest product you sell. You don't necessarily have to spend time updating it either. Fully integrated with your website, our coding can do the work for you. Used correctly it is a 'must have' for the modern business.


Administration for SME

In a busy world of rapid technological change, it's often difficult to stay proactive with hardware and software which improves your operations and cuts expenses.
With our tailor-made response to your individual needs, we will ensure that we monitor and keep on top of your systems and not just fix them if they fail.


We work in the Scottish Borders but it doesn't matter how far we are from your business when we have your interests close to heart. We began designing websites in 1999 for the online ordering of takeaway food and restaurant table booking. This was in its infancy at the time and not nearly as streamlined as it is today.

Our inspiration now comes from a desire to make businesses reach out as best they can using the latest technology.

As with any aspect of life, things change and move forward while others remain static - and sometimes for good reason. When you have a website that works for you it's usually not necessary to make many changes but you're safe in the knowledge with us, that when you do we can act accordingly.

We're proud to have been associated with a number of business ventures over the years, a few of which are detailed in our portfolio. We adopt a fresh, passionate approach to every project. If you have a project you'd like to discuss with us, please get in touch.


Food Delivery

We started building functional websites for the online ordering of food. Emerging at the latter end of the .com bubble we found there was still plenty of scope and has been ever since.


Delivering & Logistics

Changes in delivery networks, palletised products and freight forwarding provided an opportunity to develop systems and websites to cope with demand.


Anyone for Retail Therapy?

New ways of displaying products online devised and payment platforms developed to help push retail.


Time for Travel

An increase in demand for online flight and hotel booking provided the opportunity to integrating these into websites.


Design outside the box

The advent of responsive web design and mobile friendly sites meant it was not necessary to update two separate web formats for different sized screens. As most of us moved to handheld devices, constantly at our fingertips, the challenge to innovate and surpass boundaries in design and functionality continues.
Lets do it together.


Getting it right first time

Lets start an awesome friendship which will help your business to get the best out of today's technology and discover new markets and customers through interaction and collaboration.
Why wait any longer?

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